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What Is Content Creation

Content creation refers to the acquiring, capturing, or designing of visual elements for a person, company, or brand. It is important to have good content creators for your brand because no matter how good your services are your brand is judged on the content you provide your customers. We live in a day and age where everything is judged based on the visuals a company provides their audiences on a set schedule. As a brand you need to continuously feed your audience exciting new visuals, be it video, illustrations or photos.

image illustrates a camera taking photos or videos as content creation is a service provided by reburn marketing

Why Do You Need Content Creation?

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All businesses have one thing in common: a brand. Everything you do has an impact on your brand. At Reburn, we ensure the consistency of your brand across all platforms. We want your audience to know exactly who you are by just looking at your logo, business card or brochure. Sometimes you just wish you had an awesome promotional video or ad campaign for your business. You are in Luck! Reburn Marketing offers exceptional, high quality content creation services to meet your high standards. We also offer Graphical design and Videography as services to create the best-looking digital feed. If you need stunning photos of your product or service or just a simple infomercial for your business, Reburn Marketing has got you covered!

How Do We Price Content Creation?

The content we create is based on what our client’s goals are and in what industry they operate. Some industries use photography, some use videography, and others require animation. Depending on your industry we will propose a style and content calendar that you as the client can approve or change. Our prices are based on the format of content, for example videography is more costly than photography based on the amount of time spent in editing.

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