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What is a website without visitors? Nothing! Get valuable, accurate leads and increase your website
traffic and conversions through the implementation of a customized strategy. We make sure that
you are set apart from your competitors. Google Ads allow organizations to display brief advertisements either via the results page on Google and on other websites, apps and videos.
Google Ads are the perfect way to get specific, valuable leads. It’s simple: We set up a campaign based on your goals: leads, sales or views. This campaign will then trigger our written ads when specific keywords are searched. This way, we get leads while they are hot!

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With Google’s massive reach (about 2 trillion searches per year!), you are sure to find the right customer that is looking for the same solutions to problems that your business provides.  

Google Ads are set up with very specific criteria. This way, Reburn Marketing is able to target your potential customers at every stage of the sales funnel! Even if your potential customers don’t convert the first time, we are able to retarget them until they do. For example: if you only operate in a certain area or district, your Ads will only show to customers located in those areas. With Google Ads it’s much easier to manage your advertising expenditure and you get results – no matter your budget! 

With Google Ads, you are able to get your potential customer’s attention while they are in the act of actively searching for related products or services. This means that it shortens the sales funnel and also problems that your business offers. The customer intent is already actively there, all we need to do is to convince them to click on the ad and convert! 

No matter your budget, Reburn Marketing can set up a Google Ad Campaign that delivers results! Our team of experts love to strategize and are passionate about helping your business grow. Contact us today to achieve your business goals. 


Reburn Marketing consults with all clients prior to project commencement to exactly find out what their business goals are. Whether it be to increase website traffic, leads or sales – we do it all! Once we have consulted and discuss the campaign objectives, we can start designing and setting up the campaign. The next step is to perform market research by setting up a “digital sales funnel” to illustrate the process by which potential customers convert to existing customers. Ads are designed to get the most attention and to convince consumers to click through to the landing page, and ads are triggered by a specific list of keywords. This sends potential customers to the exact page they are looking for when they are typing a certain keyword! 

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Every customer need is different, that’s why we take a look at your total advertising budget before calculating our service rate. On average, our service rates start at R2500 and will increase depending on the Google Ads budget.  Why do we do this? As some business prefer to spend more on Google Ads, these campaigns require a lot more research, administrative tasks and management during the project commencement.  

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