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Frequently Asked Questions

Reburn Marketing has been around since 2018. This means that we are in the 65% of businesses that survived the 5 year mark. 

We have a specialized team to service your every need from Designers, SEO specialists, Marketing specialists, and Website and APP developers. Whatever you throw at us we will be able to accomplish.

Every business is different. We do not tell the same lie other Agencies do that we will double sales in the first 30 days. Our guarantee is that we will outperform ourselves every month. Each month will be an improvement from the last.

We provide in depth reports every month or every 2 weeks depending on your needs. This report includes what we have done, how we did it and what the results were.

That question is entirely up to you as the business owner. We have clients that like to be involved in the process and we have clients that want nothing to do with the marketing process. We enjoy working with clients who want to help out on the creative brainstorming sessions and we are fully capable of taking all marketing off your hands and only need your input once or twice a month.