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We’d like to refer to this as one of our superpowers! (We’re really good at it.) Social Media Marketing refers to the paid reach on any Social Media page or advertisement. Through this, Reburn
provides your business with valuable leads. Social Media Marketing has grown to be one of the most useful marketing tools any business has, whether you are a start-up or multi – million-dollar company. Because everyone uses social media marketing, it has become a science. We now have access to the following information: your target markets age, gender, income, interests and even level of education. This makes the process of converting potential customers to existing customers much easier because we are able to target them directly. Our SMM services is the best kept secret in the game. From posting content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to running strategic ad campaigns – we do it all! Elevate and expand your digital presence and engage with more potential consumers through our strategic, creative and engaging Social Media Marketing services.

What Is social media marketing


Why do you need social media marketing

More 3 billion people use social media across the globe. That’s a lot of people! With an audience
that size, it’s hard not to make a success of your business using social media marketing. Almost all
businesses today have some sort of social media account, and more than 70% of those business use
it as an effective marketing strategy for themselves. Whether your objective is to generate leads,
increase website traffic or to increase sales; social media marketing is a low-cost high-value option
and a necessity when it comes to digital marketing!

What Can I Expect When I Start Social Media Marketing

Once Reburn Marketing has determined your business objectives, a Social Media Marketing Strategy can be developed. These strategies can be run via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin. An ad budget is set up accordingly and then the design process begins! Social Media Marketing makes use of photo advertisements which Reburn Marketing custom-designs in order to get the most results.

Social media marketing expectations

How Do We Price Social Media Marketing?

SOcial media marketing pricing

Like our other services, social media marketing’s investment is largely based on the client specific needs and preference. For example: an online retailer might need to run several different ads for different product categories. As mentioned, our ads contain artwork that is custom designed for the client to increase it’s efficiency and impact.

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